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2021 Starts with a Rebel Yell

Let the Repairs Begin! I t's been a while. I've missed you all. I've never really been great at the whole blogging thing. But 2020 didn't make it any easier. I'm not going to harp on it. I know we have all had our own issues with that bastard child of a dumpster fire of a year. How nice to finally put 2020 in our hindsight.  Nevertheless, it's time for some truths. Let's Git 'Er Done. The Rebel Tell: This year needed to start on a high note. I have to have a good start. There was no way I could let it be otherwise. So I decided, quite late into 2020, that I would do something out of my wheelhouse. I completely deconstructed someone else's song, and recorded it in a fashion that screamed from my soul. I took a chance. I made it my "Thank You" to the incomparable, Billy Idol . I'm moving toward my music being more me. So, what better experiment than to take a song that has meant a lot to me, tear it apart, and inject a bit of my soul into