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Sludge & Sanity

There is a blank page ahead of me.  I t's always so hard to figure out what to say when I actually sit down to say all the things that have been roiling around in that brain cave of mine. It stirs up there, kicking up a furious storm of cognition, just waiting to escape into the universe. It's relentless. It wants out. Then, upon being shown the way to the egress, its stalls and flickers like a tiny candle in the path of a fart. This is the way my mind works. If I simply run through stream of consciousness, everything can flow freely. That free flow is a torrent of blab that would make the most terrifying of raging rivers - at the height of its tide - seem like a leaky garden hose. The problem is that civilized society would hardly allow such a deluge of mental and verbal sludge to freely pass through its gossamer curtain of sanity. Yup. That's how my mind works. Then come the distractions. I'm so easily distracted by tangents of my own mind's