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Tribute to Inspiration

  Personal Inspirations... I love music. DUH! G rowing up, I was never very good at expressing myself. I always had a fear of saying things in the wrong way. I also grew up with adults that believed that children should be seen and not heard. I always found that to be a stupid saying - you never know what you can learn from children. This is the type of thing that made me believe that the word 'adult' was the most commonly misspelled word in the world. It should be spelled A DOLT. That's been my experience. I found that the best way to express myself was through the music I grew up with. It's no surprise that I would turn to making music as a way to continue that expression. Throughout my life, there have been several artists that have inspired me to create my own sound. You can't help but to hear some of them in what I do.  O ne of my biggest influences of all time is a little known band called Pink Floyd. I can remember hearing songs like &q

I am But a Simple Melody

DEPRESSION SUCKS!!! T here! I said it. I'm sure a good number of us have dealt with the feeling of being down. It's not like it's the mysterious, elusive chupacabra of emotions. It's pretty typical in life. We have our up days. We have the obligatory opposite. It's (sorry to use the "N" word) normal. (Yuck. I said it.) Many of us, however, deal with a much stronger version of the doldrums. "They" call it depression. It's depressing. Get it? Good. Let's move on. I'm not one for meds. I know many would say that they're essential for survival. I just don't do well with pills. I'll take an injection over a pill any day of the millennium. I still won't do those unnecessarily. Pills do more to destroy my stomach than fix whatever problem for which they were prescribed. You also have to consider all the chemical components involved. There is no appeal to me. So... that's out. My brain is wacky enough as it is. I

Sludge & Sanity

There is a blank page ahead of me.  I t's always so hard to figure out what to say when I actually sit down to say all the things that have been roiling around in that brain cave of mine. It stirs up there, kicking up a furious storm of cognition, just waiting to escape into the universe. It's relentless. It wants out. Then, upon being shown the way to the egress, its stalls and flickers like a tiny candle in the path of a fart. This is the way my mind works. If I simply run through stream of consciousness, everything can flow freely. That free flow is a torrent of blab that would make the most terrifying of raging rivers - at the height of its tide - seem like a leaky garden hose. The problem is that civilized society would hardly allow such a deluge of mental and verbal sludge to freely pass through its gossamer curtain of sanity. Yup. That's how my mind works. Then come the distractions. I'm so easily distracted by tangents of my own mind's

Back After EIGHT YEARS!!!

What's Up With That?!? DETERMINED!!! I t's been forever. I know it has. I've felt it. Like an ever twisting knife in my soul, the days passed and passed away. The scars remained as proof that it takes more than time to heal all the wounds. I'm in a new town, in a new city, in a new state, and a new state of mind. I haven't blogged since 2010. It's been slightly less time since I've been away from the music. But it was more than enough to know that I can't live without it. Being in such a new place - physically, mentally, and emotionally - I feel it's time to do all the things I've dreamt of doing for so many years. I've started picking up the guitar again. I'm sitting in front of the piano again. I'm putting pen to paper again. I've even made my way out to the open mics again. I'm not hosting these like I used to. I'm simply mingling with a whole new set of talent. I'm being inspired by a whole new