2021 Starts with a Rebel Yell

Let the Repairs Begin!

It's been a while. I've missed you all. I've never really been great at the whole blogging thing. But 2020 didn't make it any easier. I'm not going to harp on it. I know we have all had our own issues with that bastard child of a dumpster fire of a year. How nice to finally put 2020 in our hindsight. 

Nevertheless, it's time for some truths. Let's Git 'Er Done.

The Rebel Tell:

This year needed to start on a high note. I have to have a good start. There was no way I could let it be otherwise. So I decided, quite late into 2020, that I would do something out of my wheelhouse. I completely deconstructed someone else's song, and recorded it in a fashion that screamed from my soul. I took a chance. I made it my "Thank You" to the incomparable, Billy Idol.

I'm moving toward my music being more me. So, what better experiment than to take a song that has meant a lot to me, tear it apart, and inject a bit of my soul into it? I can't think of one. I figure, if I can get over my hang ups enough to do this, I can do so much more with my own music.

The key was to rework the song without any hint of disrespect to the original artist. Billy Idol, and Steve Stevens, created something magical. A song that came from sharing a bottle of bourbon by the same name, touched my soul in a very special way. It made me want to make my own music. It must be respected. So to its creators.

That being said, this recording almost didn't come to fruition. I started the process thinking I would simply do the song. Everything I tried, sounded fake, empty, and a cheap knockoff of the original. I even slowed it down and started over. Nothing. I was frustrated beyond measure. Then I purchased an amazing microphone from Lewitt. I used it to record the vocals over what I already had. The sound of the mic ended up changing my entire mindset. It was beautiful. I was inspired. I re recorded everything around the new vocals. Then I got the idea to mess with the tuning, detuning tracks in different directions, to micro-degrees. The tension was something familiar to me. It felt nice.
From there, it was just a matter of putting it together, mixing it, mastering it, and not being too scared to put it out there into the world.

In any case, I would like this song to spread around the world, as a word of thanks to the main man, Billy Idol, and, let's not forget, Steve Stevens. The inspiration they have provided for so many, myself included, should not go unrecognised. Help me bring this to Billy's attention. Share the links to the song, tag @BillyIdol on your social media platforms. We can only do this together.

There's more news on the way.

Be Excellent to Each Other,

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