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Back After EIGHT YEARS!!!

What's Up With That?!? DETERMINED!!! I t's been forever. I know it has. I've felt it. Like an ever twisting knife in my soul, the days passed and passed away. The scars remained as proof that it takes more than time to heal all the wounds. I'm in a new town, in a new city, in a new state, and a new state of mind. I haven't blogged since 2010. It's been slightly less time since I've been away from the music. But it was more than enough to know that I can't live without it. Being in such a new place - physically, mentally, and emotionally - I feel it's time to do all the things I've dreamt of doing for so many years. I've started picking up the guitar again. I'm sitting in front of the piano again. I'm putting pen to paper again. I've even made my way out to the open mics again. I'm not hosting these like I used to. I'm simply mingling with a whole new set of talent. I'm being inspired by a whole new