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Tribute to Inspiration

  Personal Inspirations... I love music. DUH! G rowing up, I was never very good at expressing myself. I always had a fear of saying things in the wrong way. I also grew up with adults that believed that children should be seen and not heard. I always found that to be a stupid saying - you never know what you can learn from children. This is the type of thing that made me believe that the word 'adult' was the most commonly misspelled word in the world. It should be spelled A DOLT. That's been my experience. I found that the best way to express myself was through the music I grew up with. It's no surprise that I would turn to making music as a way to continue that expression. Throughout my life, there have been several artists that have inspired me to create my own sound. You can't help but to hear some of them in what I do.  O ne of my biggest influences of all time is a little known band called Pink Floyd. I can remember hearing songs like &q